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On this page you can find the information most relevant to COVID-19.

School will keep the documents updated and add the most relevant links to the page.

Updates from Department for Education (end of August 2020)


Page Downloads Date  
Edgewick Primary Covid19 Risk Assessment... 13th Jan 2022 Download
Covid19 Outbreak Management plan CCC Sch... 13th Jan 2022 Download
Remote Teaching and Learning Plan Januar... 04th Jan 2021 Download
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy... 13th Jul 2020 Download
Letter to parents July 2020 13th Jul 2020 Download
Full re opening Sept 2020 25th Aug 2020 Download
Letter entry exit 11 09 2020 02nd Oct 2020 Download
Letter entry exit 25 09 2020 02nd Oct 2020 Download
Letter for parents 26.08.20 02nd Sep 2020 Download
COVID letter to parents September 17th Sep 2021 Download
Letter to parents from the Local Authori... 22nd May 2020 Download