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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! 


Teachers in Year 4 are Mrs Tull and Miss Boughton, and the support staff are Mrs Jandu and Mrs Hollingsworth.

In Year 4 we use our curiosity, perseverance, and creativity skills to achieve the very best we can- aiming to ensure all children reach their full protentional. 


"Making mistakes is the best way to learn" 


Home Expectations

In year 4 we encourage all our children to read with an adult daily at home for 10 minutes a night. 

Homework is set through a variety of different forms including Maths, English and Creative Projects 

All children in Year 4 have logins to 'Timetable Rock Stars'. We encourage our children to practice their times tables daily. The children have their own logins in their reading records. 


Our PE day is Tuesday, and we ask our children to come into school wearing their PE kits on this day. 

Swimming is a Thursday Morning during the Autumn Term. 


Autumn 1

During this half term our topic is Deadly 60.

We'll be learning about some of the deadliest animals around the world, where they live and just how quickly they could kill a person! We're looking forward to having some live animals in school. 

Within our English lessons we will be creating our own Non- Fiction Chronological Reports for one of the deadly 60 animals and we will be writing letters about the importance of freeing animals. 

In maths our focus will be the number system- understanding the place value of 4-digit numbers and formal written methods for addition and subtraction calculations. 

During science lessons we will be learning about 'Animals Including Humans'. This teaches the children how the human digestive system works and the function of our teeth. We will also look at the characteristics, behaviours, diet, and habitats of different animals, whilst developing our knowledge of food chains. 

During our foundation subject lessons we will be learning about habitats around the world and the different continents and climates these animals live in. we will also be focusing on impressionism with an artist study of 'Henri Rosseau'. 


Autumn 2

During this half term our topic is Magical World

This topic begins with an amazing trip to the Warner Brothers Studios where we get to experience life as a 'real' witch or wizard focusing on the creations of Harry Potter and his time at Hogwarts. 

In our English lesson we will write our own creative, magical stories through adventure writing and then we will become newspaper reporters for 'Wizarding Times'. 

In maths we will focus on developing our knowledge of the four operations by learning formal written methods for multiplication and division. We will also develop our skills of measuring including finding the area of a shape. 

In science our focus will be States of Matter. We will wear our magical cloaks and explore gasses, liquids, and solids. 

In our foundation subjects we will be focusing on famous wizards in history and explore the film composer John Williams and how he composes musical scores for films. In art we will develop our art techniques using oil pastels as the children develop their own 'patronus'. 

Please come and speak to us at school if you have any questions or comments. 


The Year 4 team.