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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Mr KillickMrs Ellahi, Miss Harrison and Miss Richings make up the Year 5 team!

Our main aim is for each child to achieve their full potential, both academically, and in the development of their character and personal attributes.  We have spent quality time looking at learning behaviours around our ‘Edgewick Learner’ system alongside academic learning.

Please find below some Year 5 expectations:


The children know how important reading is and we ask that they read each day for a minimum of 20 minutes. We ask parents listen to the children read and record their reading in the reading record.


The children will have PE on THURSDAY afternoons. Children can come to school in their Edgewick PE kit on this day. 

On FRIDAY MORNINGS, the pupils in both classes will go rock climbing in the morning for 1 hour at The Ballroom Climbing Wall in Coventry City centre (look at the pictures on our page gallery!).  Children can come to school in their Edgewick PE kit on this day.  They will get the bus there and back.

Autumn 2: Space - the final frontier

Space picture 1 Space picture 2

Our topic this term is 'Space'

Having explored WW2 last term on in the year, we will be looking upwards and outwards into the solar system and beyond!

What is beyond Earth? What is space? Could there be life on another planet? These are just some of the questions we will be exploring in this topic. Space is a truly large and complex concept to understand, but it is also extremely fascinating. The children will begin their adventure by completing their astronaut training before launching into infinity and beyond. Once there, Year 5 will discover all about the solar system, the potential for life in space and NASA.

In Literacy, the children will focus on non-chronological reports that provide information about an aspect of space that they are most interested in. Following this, when learning about NASA we will specifically explore significant figures in history, for example Katherine Johnson. We will be using the book ‘Hidden Figures’ as a stimulus for our biographies on Katherine Johnson.   We will also create our own space stories, based on the rich variety of science fiction tradition. 

Science will focus around the solar system and the movement of the planets.  We will also consider how the moon interacts and affects the Earth. 

DT will look at the physics behind landing a space module on the moon and rise to the challenge of setting something down safely on the ground despite the forces of gravity.

Our History will look at the achievement of people in the field of space exploration, but also some of the reasons why there is scepticism and conspiracy theories around what really happened.  We will focus on sorting fact from fiction.

In Maths, we follow White Rose Maths, where children have the opportunity to consolidate concepts and process and apply these to a range of different problems. In Maths we will be covering the main strands in the national curriculum:  fractions, decimals, multiplication and division.  

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. 

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