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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Miss Blencowe, Miss Mullis, Miss Begum and Miss Kockiri make up the Year 5 team!

Our main aim is for each child to achieve his/her full potential, both academically, and in the development of their character and personal attributes.  We have spent quality time looking at learning behaviours around our ‘Edgewick Learner’ system alongside academic learning.

Please find below some Year 5 expectations:


The children know how important reading is and we ask that they read each day for a minimum of 20 minutes. We ask parents listen to the children read and record their reading in the reading record. There is also a class Padlet page for a weekly comprehension question. 


The children will have PE on WEDNESDAY afternoons. Children can come to school in their Edgewick PE kit on this day. 

Spring 1

Our topic this term is 'World War 2'.

Back we go to 1939 where WW2 was declared and a significant moment in history began. We will be exploring why the war began, which countries were involved and what role they played, and the different events that occurred during this period.

During Literacy, we will focus heavily on using different writing tools to create atmosphere. The children will develop their vocabulary and use this across different styles of writing throughout the unit. This will include descriptive pieces of writing, writing from different perspectives, poetry and the children will get the chance to recreate a live radio broadcast! We will be focusing on the books ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ and ‘The Midnight Guardians’ during their comprehension. The children will have the opportunity to visit Coventry Cathedral; the experience will be used to develop their knowledge of WW2, particularly the Coventry Blitz, and also as a stimulus for their writing.! In addition to this, the children will cover other aspects of the war such as rationing, evacuees and women’s roles during the war.

In Maths, we follow White Rose Maths, where children have the opportunity to consolidate concepts and process and apply these to a range of different problems. In Maths we will be covering the main strands in the national curriculum: multiplication and division; fractions, decimals and percentages; measurement; properties of shape; position and direction; and statistics.  This will mainly involve area and perimeter, decimals, word problems, fractions and time.

In Science, we will continue to learn about forces following on from last term. We will continue to enhance our skills when working scientifically, using our knowledge to devise enquiries and plan fair tests.

Topic lessons will cover the curriculum requirements for History and Geography RE, Design Technology. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. 

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