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    Year 3

    Welcome to Year 3! Miss Evans, Miss Ratcliffe, Mrs Samak and Miss Ana work in this year group. We want the children in our year group to be work hard, play hard and be kind. That's all we ask!  

    The ethos of our class is for everyone to experience a wide range of learning and teaching approaches and develop their understanding through challenging, enjoyable and creative activities. 

    Our Current topic in Year 3 is 'Yo I'll Solve it'

    During this STEM topic, year 3 are going around the world! We will be following the fictional journey of Phileas Fogg and helping him with any problems that might arise. Our first Literacy unit has us writing letters to Phileas Fogg and setting them off with hot air balloons! Each week we track him using our geography skills and help in any way we can. Sometimes with how to cross a river, sometimes with how to navigate. We will also write explanations for our incredible solutions to these testing trials.

    During Spring 1, Year Three are all about twisted tales.

    This twisted topic brings to life the traditional tales in a new and innovative way. Those tales from childhood that are passed on from generation to generation get a new life. In Literacy we take a story we know and twist it into a story of mystery and suspense. Linked to traditional tales, we look at the music and artwork that accompanies them. By investigating musical eras and genres we learn to appreciate different styles of music. From this we compose and record using musical notation our very own magical pieces. Using music as a stimulous, we then create Haikus to reflect the brilliance of nature and the world around us. In Art, we study Robert DeJesus and the techniques he uses to create portraits. We use his style to create our own twisted portrait of a villain or hero in a new, contrasting role. Our final Literacy unit then allows us to share this knowledge by creating a set of instructions for others to follow to create their own portrait.

    We learnt all about the Romans in Autumn term 2.

    To kick off this exciting, interactive look at Roman history in Britain, children have a day with a Roman Solider where they learn all about what life was like and get a change to wear the equipment. They will be put through their paces as Roman soldiers and explore what life was like for a centurion. Children will look at the rise and fall of the Roman civilisation and evaluate its impact on British life, focusing on the region and culture of Rome. Children will also explore Celtic resistance to Roman rule and will write a biography on the most famous of these rebels; Boudicca. They will study a range of Roman weapons and evaluate the effectiveness of these. From this they will also make their own war machines to help fight the Celts and Haidriens wall. In our English lessons, pupils will be introduced to fronted adverbials and direct speech as they report on a gladiator fight direct from the colosseum. In science, children will explore how rocks and fossils are formed and perform observational experiments to enable us to group rocks by characteristics.

    Our topic in autumn term 1 was 'Pirates of Edgewick'.

    We will be learnt all about historical pirates and the different characteristics of pirates. Our topic lessons covered a range of subjects such as history, geography art and DT. In maths we began the year by looking at place value which will be followed by both mental and written method addition and subtraction. In literacy we created our own pirate characters, settings and include these in an adventure story about a pirate voyage. We will then be looking to create our very own sea shanty's. In science we investigated The Human Body this half-term.

    If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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    PLEASE NOTE: - We have P. E. on Thursdays. Both indoor and outdoor P.E. kits are needed this term. 

    Homework is given with return dates.