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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

The staff in Year 1 are Miss Bagga, Miss Seddon, Ms Martins, Miss Mirzadeh and Mrs Bailey.

"Children are magic. They live in a world that overspills with exploration, connections, dreams and imagination" Greg bottrill

Year 1 is an adventure, where the staff work alongside the children to facilitate their own learning drawing on childhoods natural curiosity. Our classrooms encourage children to become inventors, story tellers, authors, mathematicians and much more.

Learning is encouraged through hands on and practical experiences, building on the excellent foundation laid in Reception. The classrooms are equipped with fantastic resources which the children can explore freely. 

Pupils are taught in small groups where adults have more quality time with each pupil to assess their progress and take their learning forward. The skills and knowledge acquired from these sessions can then be explored by the pupils independently through the Continuous Provision. Planned play-based experiences inspire the children to consolidate their skills, knowledge and understanding enabling them to be independent, resilient learners who motivate themselves to take on the next challenge.

Phonics is a big part of Year 1. We follow an interactive and engaging phonics scheme (Floppy's Phonics) which aims to help all children to read in a systematic, accessible way.  Children learn the skills of blending and segmenting, which support them to be highly effective decoders. 

Our Topic for this term, is ‘Fairy Tales.’ This is a story driven topic focusing on the adventures of some well known characters. We will develop our understanding of story telling and writing by looking at key features of common fairy tales. We will then use our knowledge to create character descriptions, story maps and write short stories. This will then feed into our science lessons, where we will explore the properties of materials and find out which materials are best for one of the 3 little pigs to build their house with. 

In our Literacy lessons, we will be developing our writing skills and learning to include adjectives and connectives. We will be using key texts such as ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ We will even learn some baking skills when we learn 'The Gingerbread Man.'

In Maths this term will cover: Place value to 50. we will continue to learn, first using concrete resources, then moving onto pictorial and abstract problems.

Our ethos is one of not being afraid to get things wrong and we understand that with practise, we become more confident and able. We are rewarded for our perseverance on tasks, our curiosity, our ability to communicate our thoughts and our ability to make connections between different areas of our learning.

Things to remember:

P.E in Year 1 takes place every Monday (Please ensure your child comes to school wearing their PE kit)

Homework will be given out on Fridays and is expected back on the Wednesday.

Children are asked to bring reading books into school every day. Please ensure you spend 10 minutes reading with your child daily.

Parent 'Stay and Read' sessions take place every Friday from 8.30-9.00am


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