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Key Stage 2 Results


Key Stage 2 Results 2018

A total of 39% of pupils achieved the national standard of Age Related Expectations (ARE) in Reading, Writing and Maths combined. 

Broken down into subjects, 51% Reading, 51% Writing, 61% Grammar Punctuation & Spelling and 58% Maths achieved ARE or above.

Average scaled score per pupil was between 100 and 104 (ARE = 100)


Progress between KS1 and KS2

Progress of pupils between KS1 and KS2 is broadly in line with  the national average of ‘0’ across Reading, Writing and Maths.


Progress by the end of year 6 for those pupils with KS1 data is broadly in line with the average expected progress of pupils nationally.  Expected = 0.0

Reading 2.6

Writing 1.2

Maths 3.1


Over 65% of pupils at the end of KS2 have met or exceeded appropriately challenging school targets this year.