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Welcome to Nursery!

Thank you for visiting the Nursery website page. This is the place for all the latest information as well as the place to keep up to date with all of the exciting things we get up to. We hope you enjoy finding out what we have been learning about. 

Morning session - 8.30am - 11.30am


The Staff in Nursery are Mrs Khan (Nursery Teacher), Ms Sumayyah Vasa (Teaching Assistant) 


Class Ethos

Our aim is to create a happy, safe, caring environment where children develop a love for learning!

Welcome to a fun filled Autumn term!!

 We hope that you have had a great summer holiday and would like to welcome you back to a fun filled packed Year!  The children will be settling into a new environment with lots of fun learning taking place!

During the Autumn term, we will share stories to support us and we will learn about ourselves, families, teachers, new friends and the wider school community.

We will be exploring early phonics which will include looking at indoor/outdoor sounds as well as quiet/loud sounds. Children will have many opportunities to use musical instruments to perform in front of their friends and match sounds to different animals.

In addition to the planned books and poems, we will also provide opportunities to explore wider texts that have been inspired by the children's fascinations and interests.

Along the way, we will enjoy many celebrations and learn about various artists and family traditions. 

The children will be learning to access the different areas of the Early year’s curriculum. They will be encouraged to engage with adults and children in our setting as well as learning our Edgewick values which go hand in hand with our ‘Edgewick Learner’

Children will have the opportunity to engage with the skill based learning in our nursery environment. This will include using scissors, holding a pencil correctly, using PVA, glue sticks correctly and start to make friends.

If you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to ask one of our Early Year’s Staff - Our doors are always open! We look forward to working with you, to make this a fun and enjoyable learning experience for your child. 

Mrs Khan and Miss Vasa  


·        Children in Nursery often play and learn outside so it’s very important that your             child comes to school with appropriate clothing. As the weather gets colder they              will need a warm coat, hat and gloves. 

·        Please label all your child’s clothing and their school book bag.

·        Jewellery is not allowed in school except for simple stud earrings.

·        It is also very useful for your child to have a set of spare clothes in a named bag           which can stay on their peg just in case they need to change for any reason

 Please note: The morning session starts at 8.30am and finishes at 11.30am. Please ensure that your child is on time for Nursery so that they do not miss important teaching time. 


Things you can do at home to support your child: 

·        Help your child practise recognising their name. 

·        Mark making, which will allow your child to hold writing equipment correctly. This           could be by drawing the letter in the air, in sand, painting or using a pencil. 

·        Take your children to the library. 

·        Share books, discuss the stories even if it is in your mother tongue 

·        Encourage your child to put on items of clothing independently themselves                     (especially coats)

·        Count steps, coins, family members and places at the dinner table.

·        Ask your child questions about environment/home life. E.g What is the weather             like?

·        Let your child make mistakes and learn from them


Have a look at some of our photographs below to see what we have been up to... 

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