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Welcome to Nursery!

Thank you for visiting the Nursery website page. This is the place for all the latest information as well as the place to keep up to date with all of the exciting things we get up to. We hope you enjoy finding out what we have been learning about. 

Morning session - 8.30am - 11.30am

Afternoon session - 12.30pm - 3.30pm


The Staff in Nursery are Miss Bagga (Nursery Teacher), Miss Parveen (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Sofie (Support Worker)


Class Ethos

Our aim is to create a happy, safe, caring environment where children develop a love for learning!

Welcome back! We hope you all had a good Summer holiday!

Welcome to our Nursery class! I hope that you have had an enjoyable summer and would like to extend a warm welcome to you all. The children have settled amazingly well and we are so proud of them all! 

Our main aim during the initial weeks is to ensure that each child feels safe, settled and secure where they develop positive relationships and bonds with those around them. Therefore, we shall be focussing on settling the children into Nursery, making friends, taking turns, sharing and learning about our rules and routines.  

This term, we will be learning about several different topics, some of which will be based around a key book. We will begin by looking at the story book, ‘Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?’ This will be followed by Autumn (seasonal changes), Bonfire, Diwali and People who help us. 

If you have 

any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to ask one of our Early Years Staff - Our doors are always open! We look forward to working with you, to make this a fun, learning experience for your child. 

Miss Bagga and Miss Parveen  


  • Children in Nursery often play and learn outside so it’s very important that your child comes to school with appropriate clothing. As the weather gets colder they will need a warm coat, hat and gloves. 

  • Please label all your child’s clothing and their school bookbag.

  • Jewellery is not allowed in school except for simple stud earrings.

  • It is also very useful for your child to have a set of spare clothes in a named bag which can stay on their peg just in case they need to change for any reason.

  • Please note: The morning session starts at 9.00am (please arrive no later than 8.50am) and finishes at 11.30am. The afternoon session starts at 12.30pm and finishes at 3.30pm (you can pick up from 3.15pm). Please ensure that your child is on time for Nursery so that they do not miss important teaching time. 


Things you can do at home to support your child: 

  • Help your child practise recognising and writing the letters in their name. 

  • Mark making and practise letter formation. This could be by drawing the letter in the air, in sand, painting or using a pencil. 

  • Take your children to the library. 

  • Share books, discuss the story, characters and talk about their feelings. 

  • Practise number formation in the air, in sand, painting or using a pencil.

  • Count steps, coins, family members and places at the dinner table.

  • Find shapes in the environment, e.g. on road signs or houses.


Have a look at some of our photographs below to see what we have been up to... 

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