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School Meals

School Policy on Healthy Eating.

Children’s Health is a national issue and Schools are charged with the responsibility, along with parents to ensure that children learn to keep themselves healthy and safe.

Childhood obesity, incidence of diabetes, asthma and other allergies, and also poor dental health, are on the increase, and are due to poor diet and lack of exercise.

All children who attend Edgewick Community Primary are able to have a delicious hot, freshly prepared meal every day if they want.

If your child is in Reception, Year One or Year Two then they are automatically eligible to have Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM), if you would like more information on this then click here or in the sidebar.


Please click here to view our school menu.

Please click here to view our school menu (Picture format).


At Edgewick School our aim is to:-

  • Educate children about which foods are healthy and which are not

  • To encourage children to make healthy eating choices

  • To ensure that children understand the effects food has on their health

  • To offer opportunities to try out new foods

  • To encourage children to understand that some foods should only be eaten occasionally

  • To understand the importance of hygiene

  • To understand the origins of food and how they are produced

  • To do regular exercise


We do this by:-

  • Working with the Solihull Metropolitan Council to improve the quality of School Meals

  • Encouraging parents to provide a healthy packed lunch for their child

  • Encouraging children to have healthy tuck at breaktime

  • Providing fresh fruit and vegetables through the Healthy Fruit Scheme, school lunches and through the school garden

  • Providing fresh chilled water for children to drink

  • Teaching children through Science and Personal, Social and Health Education about how to keep their bodies healthy

  • Regular visits from the school nurse and other professionals.


It is not true that children will not eat fruit and vegetables. When there is nothing else on offer they soon learn to eat what is provided and will often learn to love them in return! Chocolate and other sweets are fine as occasional treats but should not be part of a regular diet.


Hot meals

The legal requirement on schools is to provide a lunchtime meal that meets the School Food Standards, where they apply. We expect that all pupils will routinely be offered a hot meal option.

Currently we offer a diverse menu which alternates at least 3 times a year and is on a 3 weekly cycle. Our current caterer is AIP. 

We also have special event days including, Halloween, Christmas dinner, special sporting events & many, many more.

Catering for pupils with special dietary requirements

Headteachers and school governors are best placed to make decisions in the case of pupils who have special dietary requirements, taking into account local circumstances. We are happy to make reasonable adjustments for pupils with these requirements.

This is already the case in relation to FSMs for disadvantaged pupils and schools we will continue to take the same approach as eligibility is extended. For more information on how we cater for pupils with special dietary requirements see the School Food Plan’s UIFSM Toolkit.

Packed Lunches

Many children have excellent packed lunches, however parents should avoid the following on a regular basis:

Chocolate, crisps, sugary squash, sweet filled sandwiches, and absolutely NO FIZZY DRINKS!