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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!  We have a new teacher in town!  The team is now Mr Killick, miss Harrison, Miss Holmes and Mrs Kaur!  We are working hard and preparing for SATs!

In Year 6 we focus, work hard, and support one another to achieve our very best. Our main aim is for each child to achieve their full potential, both academically, and in the development of their character and personal attributes.

Please find below some Year 6 expectations:


Practice until you get it right, then keep practicing until you can’t get it wrong.


The children know how important reading is and we ask that they read each day for a minimum of 20 minutes.  The children will need to record this in their reading diaries.


Homework will typically be set on a Friday to be returned the following Tuesday. 

PE/Positive Impact

The children will have PE on Thursday afternoons and Positive Impact on Fridays. Children can come to school in their Edgewick PE kit on these days. 

Spring 2

Our topic this term is ‘Awesome Egyptians!'. 

We will be focusing on life in ancient Egypt!  We will look at the importance of the river Nile, daily life, their beliefs about life after death and the process of mummification.  We’ll also build a Shaduf!

In Literacy, we will be further developing our individual writing styles to produce short stories, explanation texts and persuasive writing. We will be focusing on using figurative language and adding detail to our fiction writing that takes the reader on a journey.  Alongside this, we will be looking at other writing features such as structure, formal tone, passive voice and cohesion. Across both comprehension and Literacy lessons, we will be looking at a variety of texts, focusing largely on ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’ and ‘Historium’.  

In Maths, we follow White Rose Maths, where children have the opportunity to consolidate concepts and process and apply these to a range of different problems. In the first half term, we will look at graphs and statistics, percentages and shape area and volume, alongside consolidating our times table knowledge using TTR and '99 Club'.

In Science, our topic will focus around 'Animals including humans!' The children will develop their understanding of how the body functions, especially the heart and digestive system.  We will evaluate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet, as well as how drugs affect the body.  Furthermore, we will continue to enhance our skills when working scientifically, using our knowledge to devise enquiries and plan fair tests.


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