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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2.

In Year 2 we aim high and believe that with effort, everything is achievable.

We work together like a family, with support from our teachers Miss Bhayat and Mrs Patel, to make our classroom a loving, caring and happy place.

Our next topic is Coventry's Past. We will explore the history of Coventry and identify key historical events. Children will learn about the Blitz and how that affected Coventry and how the city recovered. Children will also look at the history of our local area, Foleshill. We will investigate the changes that have occurred over the years in Foleshill and how the area has developed. 

In Art, we will look at iconic landmarks of Coventry such as the Cathedral and compare them to new structures in Coventry like the Whittle Arch and the Glass Bridge. 

One of our eagerly awaited topics in the spring term is Dinosaurs! In History, children will look back to the period when Dinosaurs lived and research the conditions of that period and why they died out. In Science, children will investigate the similarities and differences in these dinosaurs. We will conduct experiments to see which dinosaurs had the sharpest teeth and investigate the differences. This topic will encourage curiosity and will involve lots of research and questioning. Children will create reports and fact sheets about dinosaurs whilst using data to compare similarities and differences. In Art children will create 3D models of dinosaurs!

P.E in Year 2 takes place on Monday and Friday.