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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2.

In Year 2 we aim high and believe that with effort, everything is achievable.

The staff in Year 2 are Mr Gill, Mrs Mcfall, Mrs Mattu and Mrs Matharu. 

We work together like a family, with support from our teachers Mr Gill and Mrs Mcfall, to make our classroom a loving, caring and happy place.

Our current topic is Coventry

As part of our new topic ‘Coventry’, year 2 will be exploring the geography and history of the UK with a specific focus on Coventry, the city we live in. We will explore a wide variety of literature to explore the differences between cities, towns and villages. In English, we will create both fiction and non-fiction pieces of text which will reflect our learning of the key attractions and landmarks in Coventry.

As a part of our topic, year 2 will be going on a school trip to the city centre of Coventry. Our main aim for this topic is to give our children a better understanding of the history of Coventry and how Coventry has changed over time. We also aim to promote positive discussion in our classrooms by making comparisons between familiar countries/cities and Coventry.


Please click here to visit the year 2 Autumn Newsletter.


P.E in Year 2 takes place on Tuesdays. 
Homework will be given out on Fridays and is expected back on the Tuesday.
The expectations for reading in Year 2 is that every child reads their home reader for at least 10 minutes a day.