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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2.

In Year 2 we aim high and believe that with effort, everything is achievable.

The staff in Year 2 are Mrs Tull, Miss Lievesley, Mrs Mattu and Mrs Patel. 

We work together like a family, with support from our teachers Miss Lievesley and Mrs Tull, to make our classroom a loving, caring and happy place.

Our current topic is Julia Donaldson.

We will explore how to compose music linking to some of the songs she has written. Children will also learn about who she is and create a biography of her life. In Art and Design Technology the children will be creating different sculptures and props to support the books which they are reading. During this topic Year 2 will also visit Twycross Zoo to learn more about animals and linking this experience to writing a book in the style of Julia Donaldson and her book Monkey Puzzle.The children will also have the opportunity to create their own Stick Man animations. 

Our topic after half term is Let's Get Cooking! 

During this topic the children will get to experience new foods and recipes either by tasting new foods or creating and cooking different dishes. The main focus of the topic will be Design Technology where the children will understand what a balanced diet is and how we can make healthy foods chocies. Within our English lessons the children will be focusing on instruction writing and creating a number of their own recipes. In Geography we will also be learning about where different foods come from using maps and atlases to deepen our understanding of the world we live in. The children will also be visiting Pizza Express where they will make their own pizzas! 

P.E in Year 2 takes place on Mondays and Thursdays.IMG 3560[1]IMG 3686[1]IMG 3665[1]IMG 3838[1]

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