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The Base

In The Base, we strive to provide a nurturing learning environment for children who struggle to access the age-related curriculum within their year group. We have a well-resourced classroom, with a high adult to child ratio to meet the needs of the children through interventions, which we hope will have a long-term impact on learning and development.  


AM session for Key Stage Two children taught by Mrs Ibrahimi, and supported by Miss Holmes and Mrs Bailey.


In The Base this term, we are working on the topic “Coventry”. We began by focussing on where Coventry is in the United Kingdom, and then learning where the United Kingdom is in the world. We have also found out about famous people and stories from Coventry, such as Frank Whittle and Lady Godiva.

In English, we are using colourful semantics to develop our sentence writing skills. We have been using InPrint resources to create sentences to express our ideas about the stories we are reading. We particularly enjoyed reading "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson, and "Lights on Cotton Rock" by David Litchfield. 

In Maths, we have been focussing on place value, addition and subtraction. We have used diennes, counters, number lines and hundred squares to support us. Depending on where we are on our learning journey, some of work with numbers to 10, while others are working within 1000!

We have enjoyed learning about the world we live in, especially the continents. We really enjoyed singing along to the Continents Song, which helped us to find the continents on a map of the world.

Key dates:

- Monday 20th November 2023: visit to Odeon to watch The Super Mario Bros Movie!

- Tuesday 12th December 2023: visit to the Snowdome, Tamworth

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