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Nurture Class

In our nurture room, we strive to provide a nurturing environment for children who struggle to access the age-related curriculum within their year group. We have a well-resourced classroom, with a high adult to child ratio to meet the needs of the children through interventions which we hope will have a long-term impact on learning and development.  


AM session for Key Stage Two children with Miss Weale, Mrs Patel and Mrs Mumtaz 


In nurture class this term we are working on the topic “our world”. We began by focussing on our immediate lives such as people in our family, friends at school and how to be kind to each other.  

In English, we are using colourful semantics to develop our sentence writing skills. We have been using in print resources to create sentences to express likes and a dislikes and describe the stories we are reading. We have enjoyed sharing stories, including Our class is a family, Funny bones and Meerkat Mail.  

In maths, we have been focusing on number bonds to 10, more than less than and equal to and commutative law using a range of practical resources such as deans and numicon.  

We have enjoyed learning about the human body, especially whilst reading the book funny bones. It has given us lots of opportunities to apply knowledge from science lessons.