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Posted on: September 14th 2015

Our Tremendous Teddy Trip

Posted on: September 14th 2015

Our Tremendous Teddy Trip

IMG 4550

It all started on a Monday Morning. We went onto bus 20a and voyaged through Foleshill to the train station. While we lingered silently, Mr. Pipola bought our tickets to get on the train. We went on a Virgin train all the way to Birmingham.

The people that came along were Me, Erica, Tasmin, Zahim, Mr. Pipola and Mrs. Sarah. All the travelling was indeed problematical work. Getting on + Getting off. Finally, we successfully arrived at Bullring. We then found the SPECTACULAR…

Build A Bear Workshop, as we stepped into it, it felt like an enchanted creative world. The creativity was around us.

Step 1: Looking for the skin.

Mrs. McHale wanted 2 normal and typical mascots. We chose a pale, snowy furred one and a sweet light brown one. We thought the white one should be a girl and the brown one should be a boy. They looked very cute when we found them. They were very thin since there wasn’t any stuffing inside.

Step 2: The Sound.

We didn’t really choose a sound but wait for Step 3.

Step 3: Stuffing and The Inside

It was very easy adding the soft stuffing that looked like clouds and cotton candy. The lady asked us if we should add a heart to the toys and we said YES. Guess What? The heart actually thumps, and we got hearts made out of textile.

Then we got to: Make a wish, give it a kiss, and put it inside the mascot’s stomachs. Zahim and I had the boy and Erica and Tasmin had the girl.

Step 4: Looking For Some Clothing

We didn’t find any school related clothing, although we found a pair of trousers for the boy. However we know this wouldn’t be a problem as the fabulous Mrs. Hollingsworth made some fantastic school uniforms for the bears.

Finally we finally took the route back to Coventry. Thank You Mr. Pipola and Mrs. Sarah thank you for this astonishing experience.

By Zabeed, Year Six